What can I do using Internet Banking?
Internet banking puts you in control of your money. Now you can use Internet Banking for the following purposes:

Balances and Multiple Account Details
  • View up-to-the-minute balances online of all your accounts.
  • View full details of your transactions.
  • Download statements into different file formats.
Real time balances
  • Check up-to-the-minute balance online. (mini-statements)
  • Stay on top of the money going in and out of your accounts.
Transfer money between your own accounts
  • Move money between your own accounts.
Cheque status and Stop payment requests
  • View your clearing cheque status and give stop payment request any day of the week.
Pay order, cheque book and bank statement request
  • Give pay order and cheque book request from the comfort of your home.
Complaints and feedback
  • Lodge complaints and submit feedback about the services and monitor their status.
Financial and non-Financial email alerts and notifications

Register to receive free email alerts and notifications whenever:
  • Amount is debited from or credited to your account(s).
  • A request is processed or a complaint is resolved.