Security Measure by Summit Bank

As per international standards, Summit Bank uses the latest technology to protect your online transactions and accounts from unauthorized access.

Some of the measures we have taken to protect your internet banking activity are:

  • Complete communication between your computer and Summit Bank website is encrypted with the strongest available encryption methods and no one can see your username, password and transaction related data.

  • You are required to enter only some of the characters of your password. This enables you to protect your complete password, if in case; someone is standing behind you to know your complete password.

  • Three unsuccessful login attempts will automatically lock your Internet Banking account. This enables you to protect your password from being hacked, if someone is trying to enter password by guessing it. Your account can be reactivated only after you personally call the Call Center at 0800 24365 and prove your identity.

  • Two factor authentication is required, before funds can be transferred from your account to another. At the time of funds transfer, a secret code will be sent to your mobile. Your funds will transfer only if you enter the same secret code in the internet banking website.